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The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust

Welcome to the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust. We have successfully transformed a number of academies across Yorkshire, improving whole school performance for our students thanks to our unique, pioneering approach.

Our Core Principles

Throwing horizons wide open for students, schools and staff, the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust’s core values make us truly unique. With a strong focus on resilience, growth mindset and positive discipline, the Rodillian Ethos has helped to transform schools – from their culture to their Ofsted ratings – as well as the lives of students and teachers.

The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust has its roots in the 1930s. Rothwell Grammar School was founded in 1933 to educate the children of the small Leeds town and the surrounding areas.  The school’s alumni have long been nicknamed “Rodillians”.









Our Schools

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What Makes Us different

Positive Discipline

Traditional values of discipline and respect are an essential part of our ethos at the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, as we believe these are essential for creating a safe, harmonious and nurturing environment for both staff and students alike. In particular, we take a no-tolerance attitude towards bullying.


We aim to help every single student who comes through a Rodillian Multi Academy Trust school develop the skills they need to transition into the wider world as confident, capable and resilient young adults.

Contextual Curriculum

In Year 8 our students study History, Geography, Religious Studies and Media Studies through the vehicle of Contextual Curriculum.  Every year we assess what are the current, domestic and global issues and we study them through the lens of these subjects.  Giving our students a vital and relevant insight into what are the underlying causes of current issues and helping causes of current issues and helping them understand the links between history, geopolitics, geography, the role of religion and how these are represented by both main stream and increasingly social media. 

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