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The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust

Welcome to the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust. We have successfully transformed a number of academies across Yorkshire, improving whole school performance for our students thanks to our unique, pioneering approach.

We are committed to doing things differently – creating schools that students want to attend, and where teachers want to work. Schools that play a big part in their local communities, as well as forming a wider community across the North of England with the other academies that make up the trust.

Our experiences have seen us become very effective in supporting schools across the country in what we consider very challenging, but exciting times in education. We raise aspiration levels for staff, students and schools by encouraging creativity in the classroom, and by giving our staff freedom to experiment with their teaching.

We strive to develop a growth mindset in each of our young people and our staff – a belief that intelligence is not fixed or inherited, but can be improved if we learn from our mistakes and continually work hard.

All of this is guided by the Rodillian Ethos – a traditional approach to behaviour management, innovative curriculum design and excellence in teaching that delivers the best possible outcomes. Find out more about who we are and what we do below.