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Our Principles - The Rodillian Way

Throwing horizons wide open for students, academies and staff, the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust’s core values make us truly unique. With a strong focus on resilience, growth mindset and positive discipline, the Rodillian Ethos has helped to transform schools – from their culture to their Ofsted ratings – as well as the lives of students and teachers.

At the heart of our work is a concentration on delivering high academic standards that help young people become self-confident, develop a mastery of their chosen subjects, and discover and achieve their aspirations.

Our staff are our most important asset, as they look after our students. Because of this, we give them freedom in the classroom, support their development through our coaching model, and only assess them by their outcomes.

At its core, our ethos is as traditional as they come – excellent teaching, a focus on respect, good behaviour, fair discipline, and a strong curriculum – but it’s the way we go about applying these building blocks of education that make us unique.

We are always willing to take the lead in tackling important issues and if something isn’t working, then we’re open to changing the way we do things. It’s this approach that has helped us improve schools on Special Measures to the point that many have gone on to receive Good and Outstanding grades from Ofsted since joining the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust.

But we don’t just embrace every new trend on a whim, when the way we do things sees us step into new territories, we always commission research, plan carefully and ensure every change is the right decision for the Trust, our schools, staff and students.

We’re never content to rest on our laurels – we always want to be improving and growing.



We aim to help every single student who comes through a Rodillian Multi Academy Trust school develop the skills they need to transition into the wider world as confident, capable and resilient young adults.

In addition to fantastic academic learning and support available as part of the Trust’s curriculum, they will also be helped to develop skills such as self-reflection, problem solving, risk-taking, perseverance, facing competition, and coping with failure. This is all delivered as part of our Resilience curriculum.

These essential life skills ensure that, wherever students go after they leave the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, they have the resilience, growth mindset and confidence required to pursue all of their goals.

We are resilient in the way we work too – we’re not afraid to take risks, to fail, and to learn from our mistakes. This resilience has seen us turn around a number of struggling schools, taking them from Special Measures to innovative and successful members of the Trust.

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Traditional values of discipline and respect are an essential part of our ethos at the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, as we believe these are essential for creating a safe, harmonious and nurturing environment for both staff and students alike. In particular, we take a no-tolerance attitude towards bullying.

However, discipline is not the same thing as punishment, and we make sure our methods of discipline are always fair, considered, caring and positive. Where possible, we prefer to focus on encouragements and rewards, rather than punishment and exclusion, in order to build a better community in each school – and across the Trust as a whole.

Our approach to discipline has seen us turn around a number of struggling schools, including a number that were on Special Measures before joining the Rodillian family, with exceptional improvements in behaviour, attendance and academic performance coming as results of the Rodillian Ethos.

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At the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust we believe in change and in doing things differently. We pioneer new techniques, take the lead in tackling important issues and use a research-led approach to new areas.

We are incredibly effective in helping schools to perform better, with a proven track record in turning struggling schools around and improving academic results either when they become part of the Rodillian family, or as part of our School Improvement work.

We focus on expanding our students’ horizons in every way, transforming behaviour, attendance, self-esteem and life chances.  The same is true for our staff in whom we invest heavily to help them develop their skills and transform their careers.

We’re a dynamic institution, open and responsive to change and dedicated to ensuring that everyone’s experience with the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust is a transformative one.


Aspiration is an essential part of what we do, every child who attends one of the academies in the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust has their life chances transformed. Our Aspire Curriculum places a great emphasis on encouraging our students to raise their aspirations and equipping them to achieve their goals. 

We enable our students to compete with their privately schooled counterparts with confidence and composure, equipping them to hold their own in any setting, among any group of people of any background. Wherever our students want to go when they leave us, our goal is to help them get there and to excel when they do.

We also raise the aspiration levels for the staff that work with us, helping them achieve their career goals and learn new skills.

Our goal is also to raise the aspirations of the schools that become part of our Trust, improving results, introducing innovative new practices and providing a better standard of education for the local area.


Students, staff and schools come to the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust for a brighter future – and we make sure that such a future is within everyone’s grasp. All of our students deserve – and receive – equal care, attention and support.

Our aim is to provide an education that competes with our private counterparts across the UK, allowing our students to hold their own in the wider world, wherever they may choose to go next.

Our curriculum offers the chance to learn a huge range of skills, which even some of Britain’s best schools don’t offer, meaning every child who studies at a Rodillian Academy will have the same access to an excellent array of unique educational options.

Equality of opportunity also applies to our schools and our staff. Each school in the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust has its own identity, but also receives the same support and enjoys the same excellent standards.

Staff are given the freedom to develop their own skills and teaching styles, in a leadership structure that is not needlessly hierarchical or authoritarian, allowing teachers and support workers to progress, grow and enjoy new opportunities.


We provide the resources people need to become more successful. For our students, this means excellent facilities – state-of-the-art technologies in every classroom, sports pitches and equipment that allow us to build upon our outstanding athletic performance, and studios for a diverse range of the arts.

The academies that make up the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust are all within driving distance, allowing our academies to work together and share resources to ensure students across the Trust are receiving equal opportunities, and meeting the same high standards.

The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust offer the opportunity to train to teach through the School Direct initiative. Working in partnership with Leeds Trinity and Leeds Beckett Universities we have developed an exciting one-year programme which gives trainee teachers the opportunity to experience schools in a range of contexts, gaining PGCE at the end of the year.  In ​addition, we support several providers in West and North Yorkshire such as Huddersfield University and the University of York by providing teaching placements for their trainees.

This is to ensure that our staff receive the very best in professional development, and that we can also support other schools in reaching the same high standards that we have achieved across the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust.


The Rodillian Multi Academy trust is dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children who attend our schools, and we work hard to ensure that students feel safe, supported and encouraged to achieve their very best.

Our academies benefit from strong, supportive and caring leadership, with students that are, above all, treated as individuals.

Strong discipline, which focuses on fairness, respect for teachers, staff and other students, a harmonious learning environment and a no-tolerance attitude towards bullying is an essential part of our approach. We also prefer to focus on rewards and encouragement, rather than punishment and exclusion.

We have a strong moral purpose, with everything we do being for the benefit of everyone that comes together to make up the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust. Our emphasis is always on co-operation – between different students, between students and teachers, between teachers and senior staff, and between different schools within the Trust.


Many large academy trusts operate more like chains, with every school treated exactly the same, taking the same approach regardless of need. At the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, we do things a little bit differently.

While every school in the Rodillian family enjoys the same excellent standards, resources and quality of education and support, we take a bespoke approach to each individual academy within the Trust to ensure the unique needs of the school, the staff and the students are met.

We specialise in transforming under-performing schools, improving and innovating the way they support their students. However, we firmly believe that these changes need to be focused on a true understanding of the community that the school serves, and the community of the school itself.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for providing the best education, and although the academies in the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust are all within driving distance, each has different needs, has faced different challenges in improving academic results, and has its own unique identity.

We celebrate these differences, while ensuring that the Rodillian ethos underpins everything we do – delivering the best possible outcomes to every school.


In Year 8 our students study History, Geography, Religious Studies and Media Studies through the vehicle of Contextual Curriculum.  Every year we assess what are the current, domestic and global issues and we study them through the lens of these subjects.  Giving our students a vital and relevant insight into what are the underlying causes of current issues and helping them understand the links between history, geopolitics, geography, the role of religion and how these are represented by both main stream and increasingly social media.  Some examples of what we have studied recently are the situation in Afghanistan, Black Lives Matter and the conflict in Ukraine.

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