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Become a Trust Academy

At the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, we are pioneering a new type of school – transforming aspirations and achievements for students, teachers and the schools themselves.

We run our schools differently – students want to attend, teachers want to work in them, and other schools want to learn from them.

What do Rodillian do?

Schools that join us do not simply receive Rodillian in a box – we work with you to create strategies and policies that consider and work with the context of your school.

Our relationship with a school often begins through sponsorship, but can also be through an agreed school improvement contract. The Trust received approval from the Department for Education (DfE) to support and sponsor schools in 2014, and as a sponsor we are responsible for:

  • The performance and finances of their school (or group of schools)
  • Setting up the academy trust
  • Selecting the governing body
  • Recruiting or working with the current headteacher

We have developed a good working relationship with the Regional Schools Commissioners to match our sponsorship with schools in the Yorkshire area, and endeavour to work with and support the Governing Bodies of these academies.

Our aim is to work with schools to improve the life chances of the students. We believe in dovetailing the successful processes already at the school with the successful policies that have transformed our schools.

Because of our belief in teacher freedom and creating calm environments, our academy leaders state that by joining the Trust, teacher recruitment has been considerably easier.

Our innovative Resilience Curriculum

Our standard curriculum, with a strong focus on achievement in English and maths, is supported by our own Resilience Curriculum.

The Resilience Curriculum is introduced early in Year 7, helping give students the tools they need to succeed as they begin life at secondary school, and transition into adulthood. We focus on developing skills in:

  • Self-reflection
  • Problem solving
  • Risk-taking
  • Perseverance
  • Facing competition
  • Coping with failure

This focus on helping young people become the most resilient learners they can be is a key part of the Rodillian Ethos, providing our students with opportunities and skills that they may not have access to in their day-to-day lives, and also giving them opportunities that raise their aspirations for the future.

Our Applied Resilience Curriculum is for students in Year 8 and 9, greatly widening the choices for children at our academies by offering a range of subjects as diverse as gardening, architecture, skiing and water sports – all delivered in school time by our own teaching staff.

These curricula can make a real difference in the lives of both students and teachers, improving academic results, life chances, and career development.

Improving results and behaviour

The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust has a proven track record in transforming outcomes at struggling schools – many of our academies were placed in special measures before joining the Trust, and have since transformed behaviour, attendance and academic performance by following the Rodillian Ethos of resilience, positive discipline, growth mindset and mastery, supported by strong leadership.

Schools that have joined the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust regularly see improved results – and improved Ofsted reports – within their first year with us. Just take a look at the performances of our schools to find out more.

For enquiries regarding joining the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, please contact us.