The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust (MAT) is a newly established and developing MAT in Yorkshire. It specialises in transforming under-performing schools by allowing them to benefit from “The Rodillian Experience”.

The Rodillian MAT has its roots in West Yorkshire and is committed to a local approach, unlike some other large academy chains, it believes in bespoke solutions for individual schools, with school improvement work being focused on a true understanding of the community the school serves and the community itself. Therefore, to enable this close working practice, all of the schools within the Rodillian MAT are within a 30 minute driving distance ensuring that there can be close contact and a personalised approach to leadership and school development.

Whilst developing the unique and individual identity of each school is our paramount importance, the Trust equally believes in assimilated methodology to drive forward standards in its partner schools, helping to improve the life chances for more local children. The “Rodillian Ethos” is underpinned by common values – a traditional approach to behaviour management, innovative curriculum design and excellence in teaching to deliver best possible outcomes.

At the heart of the Trust’s work is a concentration on delivering high academic standards, resilient young people who are self confident and have developed mastery of their chosen area. Alongside a focus on developing “Mindset for Growth” both among students and staff to support our aspirations, and an unsurpassed drive for outstanding outcomes.


The Trust Prospectus

The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust