What makes the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust different?

We pride ourselves on being the kind of place people want to work – our academies are the kind of schools that teachers want to teach in. A place where they can develop their skills, find their own style and methods of teaching, learn and grow alongside their students, and feel that they are making a real difference to the lives of those they teach.

The Rodillian curriculum: focusing on freedom

Our curriculum provides an incredible amount of freedom, both for students and teachers. Students at Rodillian academies have access to a wide and diverse range of subjects, including skiing, water sports, gardening and architecture – wherever their passions and interests may lead them.

Teacher freedom is an essential part of the Rodillian ethos – we believe that a great teacher is not simply one that checks every box, but one that gets the best possible results and outcomes for their students, however that may be achieved.

We encourage teachers to teach in the way that works for them, and their students. Our teachers are engaging, inspirational and motivated, and our innovative Resilience Curriculum challenges our students to be the most resilient learners that they can be.

The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust: a community of schools

At present, the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust is made up of five schools across Yorkshire – with plans to grow! The Trust’s schools collaborate, share resources and make up a strong community of educators dedicated to doing things differently.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Rodillian family, take a look at our vacancies.