Doing old things in new ways

At its core, our ethos is as traditional as they come – excellent teaching, a focus on respect, good behaviour, fair discipline, and a strong curriculum – but it’s the way we go about applying these building blocks of education that make us unique.

We are always willing to take the lead in tackling important issues and if something isn’t working, then we’re open to changing the way we do things. It’s this approach that has helped us improve schools on Special Measures to the point that many have gone on to receive Good and Outstanding grades from Ofsted since joining the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust.

But we don’t just embrace every new trend on a whim, when the way we do things sees us step into new territories, we always commission research, plan carefully and ensure every change is the right decision for the Trust, our schools, staff and students.

We’re never content to rest on our laurels – we always want to be improving and growing.