Southway is a subsidiary company of the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, providing alternative and vocational opportunities in education for students at KS3 and KS4, who may otherwise have been excluded from mainstream school.

Located just ten minutes away from the Rodillian Academy, in Belle Isle, the school is situated in a state-of-the-art, multi-million pound, ‘My Space’ building and has a suite of six classrooms as well as a fully equipped mechanics workshop, recording studio and media suite.

Southway arranges alternative provision for Rodillian academies, and a range of school from across Leeds and neighbouring authorities.

Additionally, they provides a consultancy service to support other local authorities to replicate our best practices and methodologies to improve outcomes for their young people.

Committed to the Rodillian ethos, Southway has clearly demonstrated that even the most challenging and complex students can reach their full potential, and achieve academic success. At Southway, student outcomes continue to remain outstanding, with their last three years of outcomes placing them in the top 1% of alternative provisions, including pupil referral units nationally.

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Key Personnel

Executive Headteacher: Andy Goulty
Chair of Trust Governance: Alan Winn
Head of School: Kelly Newby


KS3/4 Extended Educational Provision
South Leeds HUB
Middleton Road
LS10 3JA


Main Reception: 0113 3367772