Supporting schools across the UK with the Rodillian Ethos

We enjoy supporting and collaborating with schools across the UK and, in addition to the academies that have joined the Multi Academy Trust, we have provided support to many other schools across the UK, helping them to transform practices, standards and outcomes.

What can we bring to your school?

We run a number of school improvement conferences throughout the year, giving you a chance to come and talk to our school improvement team to see how our strategies have worked for other schools – and could also work for you. If you’re interested in attending, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

We focus on four main areas for school improvement – positive discipline, resilience, leadership and coaching. Learn more about each area, and how Rodillian do things differently, below.

Positive discipline framework

The positive discipline framework, developed by the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, has been successful in transforming the behaviour, atmosphere and culture in under-performing schools.

This is achieved by maintaining high expectations, supporting staff by reducing workload and reducing disruption in classrooms, and ensuring that all students, regardless of ability, age and gender are involved, whenever possible, in the process of praise, recognition and rewards.

Resilience curriculum

We are committed to the development of character, resilience and a growth mindset. We believe that this is an intrinsic part of the transformation of schools, both in terms of examination results and the confidence of our young people.

The curriculum provides students with opportunities and skills that they may not have access to in their day-to-day lives, and provides opportunities that raise aspirations for the future. Our resilience curriculum is vital in preparing our students for the world of linear examinations. If you want to see how we develop a can-do attitude, please contact us, or come to one of our school improvement conferences.


Our performance management and coaching model has been developed with the specific aim of addressing staff development, rather than staff accountability, where staff are judged solely on their results.

Over the last three years, more than 96% of the Trust’s staff have reported that they felt their classroom practice was improving as a result of the coaching model, which aims to formatively assess colleagues and then work on one agreed area for development throughout the year.

The highly structured programme places a strong emphasis on teacher autonomy and on colleagues taking ownership of their own professional development by providing evidence of their progress through peer lesson observation, team teaching, joint planning, and pedagogical research.


Our school improvement team specialise in developing bespoke leadership packages, where we work with headteachers, senior leadership teams, middle leaders or aspiring leaders to develop their expertise in leading school improvement.

Joining the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust

The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust is made up of a number of schools across Yorkshire, and is growing. Find out more about sponsorship, or becoming a member of the trust.