At the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, we are incredibly proud of the performance of each individual academy and how far they have come since we developed the RMAT. Our biggest asset has always been our staff, and they in turn take great care in the development and progress of our students. All of our schools have greatly improved since joining the Trust and in a very short period of time.

At the centre of our success is a commitment to the development of character, resilience and a growth mindset. We believe that this has been an intrinsic part of the transformation of our schools in the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, both in terms of examination results and the confidence of our young people.

Outcomes for students

For a clear picture of just how much the Rodillian ethos has improved outcomes for students, look to the Rodillian Academy, which in 2017, 78% of students achieved a pass in both English and Maths. Compare this to a decade ago, before the school became an academy and began its transformation; in 2007, that rate was just 19%. Of the school’s alumni, 94% have stayed in education or gone into employment, matching the national average and exceeding local rates.

Progress 8 for our students was achieved through a breadth of curriculum choice and built upon the solid principles of Resilience and Mastery. This routinely means that students across the Rodillian MAT achieve P8 scores significantly above average.

The Rodillian Academy has been the blueprint for similar transformations at other schools, seeing an all-around improvement in results and student opportunities across the Trust and in schools/academies we have supported.

The impact of the Trust’s ethos on exam results, in both progress and attainment has been considerable over the last four years, greatly improving life changes for the students who attend our schools. As a result, our schools regularly feature in the top percentile for similar schools nationally.


In 2018 the Education Policy Institute published its report into the contextualised performance and improvement at KS4 of local authorities and multi academy trusts nationally. The Rodillian MAT is proud of the hard work of all stakeholders in securing improved life chances for our students which was externally recognised and acts as a further springboard for future successes.

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Our Positive Discipline system is the bedrock of our school improvement and has seen vast improvements in the behaviour at our academies, with Rodillian, Featherstone, Brayton and BBG all rated Good or Outstanding for behaviour by Ofsted at their last inspections. The levels of exclusions at our schools are also well below either local or national averages.
The students at Rodillian academies are conscientious, sensible, respectful and polite, with a clear understanding of what is expected from them – and discipline is fair, considered, caring and positive. This has created a calm atmosphere in all of our academies and enables our teachers to teach.


Historically, attendance has previously been an issue at some of the schools in the Multi Academy Trust. Since developing RMAT procedures, we have greatly improved attendance – and we are now well above the national average across the Trust.
As of 2016, Featherstone and Brayton were each above 95%, with Rodillian and BBG achieving over 96% attendance. We have focused a great deal of energy on ensuring our academies are the kind of schools that students want to attend, and this has had a significant impact on attendance.

Ofsted performance

We have a proven track record of improving Ofsted ratings for schools that join the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, with a number of our academies being removed from Special Measures within a single academic year of joining the Trust.
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