Equality of Opportunity

Providing a brighter future for all 

Students, staff and schools come to the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust for a brighter future – and we make sure that such a future is within everyone’s grasp. All of our students deserve – and receive – equal care, attention and support.

Our aim is to provide an education that competes with our private counterparts across the UK, allowing our students to hold their own in the wider world, wherever they may choose to go next.

Our curriculum offers the chance to learn a huge range of skills, which even some of Britain’s best schools don’t offer, meaning every child who studies at a Rodillian Academy will have the same access to an excellent array of unique educational options.

Equality of opportunity also applies to our schools and our staff. Each school in the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust has its own identity, but also receives the same support and enjoys the same excellent standards.

Staff are given the freedom to develop their own skills and teaching styles, in a leadership structure that is not needlessly hierarchical or authoritarian, allowing teachers and support workers to progress, grow and enjoy new opportunities.