I joined Rodillian as an NQT in September 2011, after completing my PGCE in Music Education at Bristol University. While training, I completed three teaching placements in a variety of settings including private education, an outstanding comprehensive school, and one that required improvement.

Within my first year at Rodillian, I was given the opportunity to teach across Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, both within and outside of my subject specialism. The NQT support that was provided by the Academy was fantastic, giving gave me the opportunity to improve my teaching, become involved in extra-curricular activities, and look at career progression.

Towards the back end of my NQT year I was given the opportunity to become Deputy Head of Year, supporting an experienced member of staff within the pastoral care system. However, due to a restructure within the school, this quickly became a promotion to Deputy Director of KS3. While in this role, I looked after the same year group from Year 7 to Year 9, until I was asked to move on to a year group that needed a targeted and experienced approach to improving their attendance and behaviour before reaching KS4.

In 2015/16, I completed the Aspiring Leaders course run by Andy Goulty, looking at how to be a successful member of a Senior Leadership Team, and sat as an Associate Member of the SLT for two terms in 2013 – learning about the ins and outs of being a school leader.

This has led me into the position I currently hold. In June 2016, I moved to Brayton Academy as Director of Key Stage 4 – overseeing pastoral care for Years 10 and 11. Since being in the role I have also picked up additional responsibilities around progress and data, and currently organise all of the exam intervention and write all of the data reports across the school. I currently attend progress and data meetings across the trust, and lead presenting data for Brayton Academy both inside our institution and across the trust.

The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust has provided me with opportunities I never thought I would have at such an early point in my career. I have been placed on courses to develop me as a leader, as a pastoral carer, and to improve and develop my teaching, knowledge and understanding across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. I have also had the opportunity to be mentored and coached by a variety of professionals from across the trust and wider settings.