Focusing on support and encouragement

The Rodillian Multi Academy trust is dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children who attend our schools, and we work hard to ensure that students feel safe, supported and encouraged to achieve their very best.

Our schools benefit from strong, supportive and caring leadership, with students that are, above all, treated as individuals.

Strong discipline, which focuses on fairness, respect for teachers, staff and other students, a harmonious learning environment and a no-tolerance attitude towards bullying is an essential part of our approach. We also prefer to focus on rewards and encouragement, rather than punishment and exclusion.

We have a strong moral purpose, with everything we do being for the benefit of everyone that comes together to make up the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust. Our emphasis is always on co-operation – between different students, between students and teachers, between teachers and senior staff, and between different schools within the Trust.