Brayton Academy was formed in September 2016 and is the most recent addition to the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust.  At present, it has 380 students from Year 7 to 11 and serves the communities of Selby town, Brayton, and the outlying villages south of Selby.

Since joining the Trust, Brayton has continued to improve the school whilst also fully embracing the Rodillian ethos of teacher freedom, resilience and positive discipline. The school’s academic performance has seen our Progress 8 score increase to 0.48 meaning that the exam outcomes for our students are well above average and is the top performing school within the area. We aim to improve exam results further and enable the students here at Brayton to leave us with the confidence that they can compete against the best students within the country.

As with the other academies in the Trust we hold the traditional values of good discipline and respect very highly, and with this in mind we expect our students to excel in their day-to-day studies as well as in their exams. This is robustly and rigorously upheld through our Positive Discipline system; which creates a calm, purposeful and harmonious environment where staff and students have positive relationships. Moreover, students have a safe learning environment where they can thrive, and staff can focus on the craft of teaching and their own professional development. We uphold the principals of teacher freedom and we want we promote innovative practice within the classroom.

Our Resilience curriculum for Year 7 aims to teach our students essential skills for learning and for life. We run an applied resilience curriculum to enrich what our students do in Years 8 and 9. This gives Brayton students the opportunity to experience things they otherwise might not have access to. We provide opportunities such as skiing and canoeing, as well as practical skills such as cooking as well as offering Russian.

We use our partner academies within the Trust to constantly seek new and engaging innovations for our curriculum, and Brayton Academy uses the skills, experience and expertise of colleagues within the Trust to develop our staff and students. A key part of our strategy is teacher development, achieved through a coaching programme which concentrates on improving classroom practice and giving teachers the freedom to teach as they wish. This is supported by subject-specialist training driven by our heads of subject and faculty heads.

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Key Personnel

CEO: Andy Goulty
Chair of Academy: Jamie Webb-Fryer
Principal: Al Moon


Brayton Academy
Doncaster Road
North Yorkshire


Main Reception: 01757 707 731
Attendance Line: 01757 293 243
Fax:01757 213 389