We would like to reassure you that the Trust are continually monitoring the welfare of our students and staff in relation to this matter.  Plus we are monitoring the specified countries and areas identified by Public Health England and are reviewing the Risk Assessments for this year’s France resilience trip and any other planned visits which fall into this category.

Following a change in the case definition for Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and updated advice for people returning to the UK from abroad, please refer to the most up to date Public Health England Guidance information in the link below.

Please check the page regularly as the advice is subject to ongoing review.:-


The guidance is especially important where staff and students (or close relatives) may have returned from any of the affected areas, in particular Northern Italy, after the half-term break.

The specific areas of Italy are identified on the map from the below link:-


Public Health England have also published advice for educational settings which provides schools and academies with guidance. The Trust will continue to monitor updates to Public Health England guidance to ensure that they are communicated and adhered to.:-

Government Guidance for COVID-19: guidance for educational settings