An unprecedented decision was taken by the government today to announce the closure of all schools in the UK as of Friday until further notice. We heard exactly what parents heard and at the same time, so you can imagine that we now have a deal of planning and preparation to do in order to respond to this directive. We have of course already been doing extensive forward planning on how to provide effective distance learning for all of our students during this time of what is a national crisis.


However, we are not yet fully informed as to the details of what the government will require us to provide for the children of ‘front line’ workers. This will be sent to schools during Thursday. We will be contacting you again when we have this detail and asking that you help us by providing further information on your own family circumstances. We will also hope to give you some clarity around this year’s examination season which is going to be highly unusual. We do know that you as parents want to maintain the learning of your children and we share that desire for our students.


With sincere thanks for your support and understanding,


​Annette Hall


Rodillian Multi Academy Trust